Yay glorious books to make me a better OT some day

So I went a little crazy at the library today…i LOVE reading true stories from people with any kind of mental or physical problem or whatever. I just skim the health sections till I find what are clearly stories and not just fact books…I am excited. I have these books for 3 weeks then can renew again, plus I'm fast + I skim boring parts, so I think it will work out. I'm excited to have some new books to read plus every little new perspective I gain contributes to my future career as an OT 🙂

My one blog goal tonight is to post about AOTA conference. Later though. I gotta go eat my peanut butter toast first.

A Bird's Eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD: Advice from Young Survivors. By Alex Zeigler and others

Mending Wounded Minds: Seeking Help for a Mentally Ill child, by Beth Henry

Just this side of normal: glimpses into life with autism, by elizabeth gerlach

Pregnant for 100 years, real moms tell all, by Jeanne Benedict

Your daughter has been diagnosed wtih rett syndrome by Kim Greenblatt

Gifted Hands, by Dr. carson, about a pediatric surgeon I guess

Down came the rain, journey through postpartum depressoin by brooke shields

sick girl by amy silverstein about chick with heart transplant

a little work  – behind doors of park avenue plastic surgeon

the early birds by jenny minton re preemies

In our hands – surgeon tales about hands

Judith's Pavillion, The Haunting Memories of a Neurosurgeon by Dr Flitter

Somebody somewhere, breaking free from world of autism

a map of the child, pediatric's tour of body

surviving extremes, doctor journey to limit of human endurance

uncommon voyage, parenting special needs child

the day i went missing, chick with mental illness, by jennifer miller

living miracles – stories of hope from parents of preemies.

Not even wrong -a dventures in autism

Walk on Water – elite peds surgical unit look

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