Yay I have a review!!!

Occupational Therapy Otago  just wrote an interesting piece on the new tagline of OT “living life to its fullest”…….I admit, I'm not fond of it, I liked skills for the job of living better…but guess change is hard and I'm looking at life half-full if I say I don't like the new tagline! Hahaha….

She also wrote a post on blogs she likes, note my review in bold, third down. I just saw it as I am very behind on blog-reading in my RSS feeds.

My response: Yes, my friend, you DO have to know I just did my laundry!!!!!!!!!!! And that I did it while wearing a red shirt, at 3:33pm, while it was 89 degrees outside! And that I have two eyeballs, and two ears! I thrive on the dreary! I can't help it, it's part of my personality. That thoroughness is the same thoroughness that leads me to try and learn as much as I can about other people so I can be a better therapist. Like for example, i read today in a book on gestalt art therapy that working with clay is a great thing for kids who have trouble modulating bowel movements. Who woulda thunk. I might not remember your birthday, or my own for that matter, but that's one fact I'll never, ever, ever, be able to purge, not even with the help of Lester the Lion Kitty. Thanks for the awesome review 🙂

Top Occupational Therapy Blogs

June 16, 2008 · 2 Comments

The number of good occupational therapy blogs is growing. I thought it was time I shared with you some of my favourites. So first up is:

June 15th

Skills for healthy living: A resource blog for health providers this is a fantastic blog to learn about chronic pain, and to develop understandings about and skills in working with clients with chronic pain. Written by an occupational therapist it’s a great way to upgrade on this specialist area. And as a bonus it also has some fabulous photo’s.

16th June – No. 2 (please note these are currently not being ranked they are just coming in the order I think about them)

Thriving in School this blog is from Hosmer Road School in the US. Funny thing is until I went back in to write this I had always thought Hosmer Road School was in the UK!! – So sorry Beth. This blog is full of practical hands on tips and ideas for therapists working with children. I think part of my love of this blog is that it takes me back to my days of being a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. But with over 17,000 visits to this blog since January 2007 it must be one of the busiest Occupational Therapy Blogs IN THE WORLD.

17th June No. 3

OT Students (B)E(LO)N(G) You have to give it to Karen she wins hands down for being the most prolific occupational therapy blogger. She’s a student in her SECOND YEAR of training. It is a blog with an interesting mix of: how my day has been from the exciting to the dreary (did I really need to know she has just done the laundry!), glimpses into what being an OT student in the US is like, thinking associated with her ongoing learning, insights into working with clients and how applying her training goes. But overall what comes through is a huge motivation and commitment to becoming the best therapists she can. I find myself just having to go see what she is up to.

June 25th – No. 4

Advance OT This next blog is an outside somewhat surprising entry in my best blogs (even to me) as it is a trade publication. What I like about this blog is that it reports on what is happening in the American Association of Occupational Therapy. I think blogs like this are a great way of ensuring the everyday happenings and events of professional bodies are visible to all and able to be discussed. I’d love to see the New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists with a blog and blogger. It’s a great way of getting up to date information to members and to enable non members to see the benefits of the Association. So how about it NZAOT?

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