Yay! No certification needed for OTs doing specialty wheelchair evals!

Amy Lamb, Chairman of AOTPAC, sent out a newsletter that includes this great tidbit! Wheelchair certification and the therapy cap were going to be major deals for occupational therapists, but with the AOTPAC and AOTA advocating for us, the problems are being worked out. See, this is why membership in AOTA is so crucial – they need our help to mantain OT quality of life!!

(Below is a direct quote)

AOTA has been busy working for us with many issues and achieving results: including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) dropping a proposal to require RESNA certification for occupational therapists who perform specialty wheelchair evaluations, and Congress providing a six month extension to the therapy cap and increasing the physician fee schedule.  There is a great amount of resources for practitioners and students on these initiatives on AOTA’s Web site at http://www.aota.org to find out more!

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