YAY two articles done

Submitted revisions to OT Practice editor a few hours ago – spent last two hours on collaborative diversity article with Kuma and just submitted a final draft to him; oh it feels beautiful to finally have those not over my head. A glorious feeling. Unfortunately it is 115am and I have to be up by 630am max to stop by clinic in morning to pick up needed items before getting to our meeting place at 815am! So um, I better go to bed since if I'm lucky I'll get around 5 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow I am maybe home before 6pm; will maybe work out; maybe meeting Allison for last minute sensory integration Powerpoint stuff (her inservice is Tuesday), maybe napping; maybe finally doing the blogging on low vision seminar and completing essay for AOTF scholarship; who knows. All I know is, YAY, articles are done, and I'm GOING TO BED!!!!

Sep 15, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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