Yay! Yay! Yay!

Tonight has gone overall well!

I'm almost done with my treatment project step 1, which forced me to use my OTPF and Occupational therapy for children (Case-Smith) textbook exhaustively. It was hard and I'm not quite finished, but I feel like I managed to fit all the pieces together. My hypothetical child had developmental dyspraxia and it turns out problems with praxis and problems with sensory processing run hand in hand, so I was able to use the sensory integration frame of reference and discuss how some of her problems with dressing, limited play on the playground etc could be due to tactile processing problems since again, dyspraxia/SI go together. I also talked about how she may have somatodyspraxia and/or ideational dyspraxia and I was so proud of myself. AHAHAHA

Also, I had a few friends edit a little thing I wrote for an OT website and neither of them thought it needed much work, so I was thrilled.

ALSO, I heard back from the OT Vice Chairperson of the ASD Committee and her position sounds like it caters to my strengths! I am really excited!

And I am eating a 100 calorie chocolate mousse! Could this day get any better?

Yes it can, because since I'm almost done with my treatment project and it's not even midnight, there is a chance I'll actually be able to sleep soon! Yay! I wasn't going to post again today but I am HAPPY so I had to!

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