yikes – OT chaos

I had so many good intentions. I have so much to write about the OTAC conference, and the classes I took, and OT4OT, etc etc, and catching up on my 100+ blog comments/emails, but noooo…I continue to suck. 🙂 Here is a screenshot of what my box looks like!!!! But I SHALL CATCH UP EVENTUALLY! I always do. You should see my floor – SO MUCH FILING!!! I accumulate awesome resources. Then they go into piles. Then they add up. Then I never use any of them because I have too many.

I like to think of myself as organized, but once I get overwhelmed that goes out the window for a while. So……still my ultimate goal to get it under control. Especially because I need to work on a few reports etc before back to work on Monday.

Anyway…….more later 😉

Oct 27, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none