You know you've been in OT school too long when…episode #2091

So I lied. I had to write one more little post before going to bed.

Scene: A few nights ago. Sitting on OTS Kerri & her husband Brent's couch. Watching some random show. It shows some rooms.

Kerri: Wow, that is really unacceptable. The floor needs to be a different color than the walls.

Me: Yeah, and look at those handrails. Pathetic.

Kerri: Those stairs need some more light.

Me: It's so monotone too. They need more colors to distinguish furniture from the walls.

Brent: Please. Stop.

*This was partially made-up since I forget our exact words, but we were definitely criticizing the room from an OT point of view, in terms of how it could be modified to better suit elderly people, based on a lecture we just had on aging in place and physiological aging changes in vision!


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