You love me, you really love me! And I love OT school! And OT blogs!

::cries with joy:::

You love me, you really love me!

I’ve been having like 30+ readers a day and around 60 page views! I feel so popular. Now I’m going to become mean because that’s what all popular girls do, right?

This week my goals for occupational therapy school include studying for two tests and preparing for group (ie not procrastinating until this weekend then stressing out and writing OT blog posts that say AUGH AUGH AUGH), keeping up on the reading, working out 5 hours, and seeing my friend Doug a few times because he leaves for England for a year, in two weeks! And I just found out we have to go to three 12-step meetings BEFORE September 19th, I was totally planning on doing it in like October. So now I’m like :O…

Guess I better get on that! I want to hit an Overeaters Anonymous, Al-Anon, and AA. Problem is, we are kind of saturating a specific church out East, and I think they are going to quickly pick up on the fact we must be students doing a project. That’s not good for the whole “emic perspective”! (Hello, qualitative research design test next Monday). But all the other ones I have found seem to be in scary areas of town. Hmmm…

Ok, I’m going to finish gnawing at this delicious watermelon, shower, and look at some OT frame of reference notes before attempting to go to sleep!! Yay! (Do you like how I liberally sprinkled OT and occupational therapy in this post? I’m working on increasing my google rankings…)

Occupational therapy school, OT blog, I love you! And Google, I love you too! Boost me up in your heavenly rankings!

Karen, Occupational Therapy Student aka OTS
PS: Aren’t I clever to talk so much about occupational therapy and blogs? It sure does make for thrilling reading.
PS2: Hey Will of famed Meta-OT, I have a Google Analytics account but I totally don’t get how it works!!!
PS3: OT school is splendiferously vociferously yet not timorously magnificent!
PS4: I’m not as ditzy as I appear on this blog.
PS5: Okay, yeah I am.
PS6: I decided this picture looks like me doing neuro-IFRAH on my San Diego cat.

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