You need Ritalin to read this post, warning

This morning I was supposedly going to do some things myself…but then we had a stroke evaluation of a 90 year old who really mostly had a lot of cognitive deficits….and apraxia….and maybe some visual issues. So my OT stepped in and did a lot of it because I was like ummmm. Not to mention he was severely hard of hearing and we all know my issue with speaking loudly. His deficits were quite interesting, for example if you gave him a newspaper headline to read, he would read most of it, and then get stuck on the last few words on the right. He also had expressive aphasia. And he could only follow one-step directions consistently, and only repeat 3 numbers back at a time. My OT and I discussed whether this was short-term memory, she said it was not, and I was like hmm, but now I remember that it's working memory….the Miller's 7+-2….blah blah blah anyway. If I were a good OT student I would look up more on this, but I was out late so um, I'm not.
Then we went in to help a PT do a dependent transfer, and I totally had no clue what I was doing at all and felt like a total dumba** lol. And the pt had on an abduction pillow (a triangular pillow between the legs to keep them separated) and while I've seen them, I had never taken one on/off, so I was like ummmm WHAT DO I DO AUGH?! lol THESE STRAPPIES ARE TOO HARD!

In the afternoon I was going to do an ICU eval by myself and then do a treatment with a little lady with dementia/deconditioning, but the nurse requested that the eval be put on hold because of patient being so drugged/resting, and then the little lady refused and I couldn't convince her otherwise without becoming a bully, so oops. I went back to the office and wrote up discharge summaries and stuff instead.

Tomorrow we have AT LEAST six evals, probably more like 7 or 8…luckily I can do several of the less complicated ones by myself. Probably the COTA will do all treatments tomorrow, of which there are probably only 4. And I'll maybe do 2-3 evals in the morning (?), we'll see…maybe more. Or less. I don't know. I'd kind of like my OT to see me do a straight-forward one tomorrow (ie a knee replacement) so that she sees I'm only utterly incompetent with the more complicated peeps. LOL.

One of the issues that came up today with PT coming to visit OT, is a lady they were seeing who cannot wipe her bottom because she is so large….there are special tools that can be bought to assist with this and IF MY CAT KNOCKS OVER MY FLOWERS I SWEAR HE IS GOING TO BE ONE SORRY KITTY CAT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BAD KITTTYYYYYYY  BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ok wow I totally got distracted there.

When I got off work I went to the post office to send my twin a card, I wrote it completely randomly like “I use this color red not only to represent diversity but to symbolize the twinly blood coursing through our veins” because that is totally the kind of stuff she likes, she will send for example a card for an 8 year old boy, to me, because she is amused by the randomness. And I'm getting on a tangent again! Anyway then I went to Curves to work out and then I met up with my utterly bizarre friends (who have two articles in the current Edible Memphis magazine, go pick up a copy), and they gave me pickled ginger, mood-lifting sea salt with lavendar, wasabi, Painfully Hot Popcorn, blue sprinkles, and a bunch of other weird things because they had cleaned out their pantry, ahahahaa, plus a nice monetary gift yay!! plus they took me to Soul Fish and we had HUSH PUPPIES!!!! and other food of course, but the focus must be on HUSH PUPPIES because I love them dearly, the beautiful balls of mush.

I got home late and had a package from Norway waiting for me…perfect timing…with a sweet book of quotes (in Norwegian of course) plus some yummy Norwegian chocolate…and also a book about an Ultra Marathon Runner that I wanted, from my sister…and then Allison called me to inform me there was an AWESOME video of the Lester the Lion Kitty song on Facebook…it's also on Google Video if you type in “Ballad of Lester” at….

Speaking of Lester, he is running around like crazy.

Okay…I think I am getting delirious because I am so tired…I need to make this one of those tiny posts but I'm writing this in gmail and too lazy to switch over, so maybe I'll fix this post tomorrow. I'm hoping tomorrow goes smoothly at work and then tomorrow evening I'm meeting up with OT girls! And maybe going to the gym if I get off early enough.

And maybe sometime this week I'll become a good OT student and actually spend an evening or two going through all my stuff and re-organizing and looking up some things…seems like I never get home until like 10pm and then I'm too tired to do anything but therapeutically blog and then go to bed!

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