Your weekends are taken over too…

Today is Sunday. I met a girl from my class at 11am at a cafe to work on splinting. We made six patterns in two hours (we're not so great at it). In the meantime I downed 2 venti iced coffees. I normally don't drink caffeine, so I was essentially vibrating the rest of the day. I went home and studied. Then I picked another student up at the dorm at 3pm and brought her to my house so we could work on our presentation/paper for a Slagle lecturer. Then another student decided to come over so we could work on studying for our Evidence-Based Practice test. We spent a few hours studying, then we went to a Japanese restaurant and then got kid scoops of ice-cream at Baskin-Robbins. Then we stopped at a scary ATM. I stayed in the car ready as the getaway, one girl made her deposit, and the other girl did the “Mission Impossible” thing and stood guard. Then we came back to my house and we studied some more. Finally we wrapped things up around midnight. It was a ton of fun!!! I loved it!! (I reread this and it sounded sarcastic, but I am serious. It was tons of fun – not the studying but the social part of it.)

This upcoming week we have an Evidence-Based Practice test, a Slagle presentation/paper, Splinting, our final neurobiology exam, and a take-home Perspectives of Early Development test due. We originally also had a Conceptual Foundations test and a Biomechanics test as well but we managed to get that spread out a tiny bit. It's still going to be a crazy week. We also have a student meeting and all our normal classes of course. I'll be so happy when this week is over, even though we still have almost a month to go.

Ok, it's almost 12:40, I am going to bed!

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