"You're Miss Awesomeness?"

A little girl mentioned she was going back to her room, and the boy I needed was in there. I wrote a little Post-it note for her to give it to him, saying “Dear Kid X, Please come to Room 202 to see Miss Awesomeness. PS, I drank mean juice this morning!!!!”

She skimmed it and looked at me and said “Ohhh, you’re Miss Awesomeness?” in the tone of “Ooohhhh, so that’s whose name I have heard.” I was like ISN’T IT OBVIOUS!!!!!! 😉 
I hadn’t thought about it quite that way – many of my kids reference coming up or going to see Miss Awesomeness, so I guess for classmates who don’t typically see me, it’s like hmmm who is this mystery lady.
I looooooove my kids. They melt me up daily. I wish so bad I had an extra five thousand hours a day to give each one of them all they need, daily, and also have enough time to BLOG about it, Pinterest it, etc. I have so many pictures I take of projects I want to share for example. Last few days has involved typical FCS as I now call it, aka Functional Classroom Skills, but I’ve also been adding in BUBBLE LETTERS, WACKY LOOP BRACELETS, basic 3-D shapes that look cool, and ZENTANGLES. All of which work on amazing skills but in ways that make them proud. More later when my eyeballs are not fusing shut. 
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