31 Jul 2009

Functional Therapy instead of Occupational Therapy? :)

I got this interesting letter! I’m an Ora Ruggles-ite so I don’t think I’d do it myself, but it is definitely intriguing. Basically, my understanding from my quick perusal of the website, is that they are also lobbying for “occupational” to be replaced with “functional” as it is more intuitive for the average person. Come to your own conclusions!

Hi Karen;

I just found your Blog and we’re in a networking way ourselves. I am with the American League of Functional Therapists. Check us out at www.functionaltherapist.org, we are an organization for Licensed OTs and COTAs to add a designation of Registered Functional Therapist RFTTM (or Registered Functional Therapy Associate RFTATM ) to their credentials.

We have been thinking about a student level membership which would allow the initial RFT membership at renewal rates. ::edited for brevity:::

Thanks for checking us out,

Ed Kaine
President of the American League of Functional Therapists

“Functional Therapy, OT for the 21st Century and Beyond.”

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31 Jul 2009

Pediatric arthrogryposis…any ideas?

I have a classmate treating a toddler with arthrogryposis…anybody experienced in some of the issues and some good ways to treat? Or some good resources? http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/941917-overview  in case anybody wants to look it up out of curiousity…it has to do with joint contractures!

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31 Jul 2009

Matthew Sanford – Adapting Yoga

E-mail from a prospective OT student: I’ve started volunteering and I LOVE it. I spend time at Courage Center a rehab center in Minneapolis, at a yoga class taught by Matthew Sanford for people with disablities. Matthew is a paraplegic himself, so the work he does is amazing. He is trying to get the medical community to help people connect their mind and bodies. I think OT is very much on that path….When you get some time, do see this videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpmbzAwL5ws. It describes his work.

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31 Jul 2009

Megan's "Rate My Fieldwork" site

This has been up for a while! Add to it! Great idea, Megan

I am a fellow student and follower of your blog. I just got done going through the  fieldwork selction process—so many choices and such a hard decision!  I thought it would be really cool and useful for upcoming students to get information about facilities online. I just started this websitehttp://ratemyfieldwork.com  and I am trying to get a few reviews to help it get going. I was hoping that you could help me out by posting about it or making it a link on your blog! Tell me what you think! Thanks for blogging  about our amazing profession 🙂

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31 Jul 2009

My lovely baby Lester

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30 Jul 2009

Oh noooooes

Dorks, we're dorks.

One of my former classmates/now awesome OTR/L sent me this note about herself in response to the news I'm moving to Georgia.
Patient has lived independently for six years since she moved to Memphis for college. She reports having a good support system of friends from OT school. Patient presented with depressed mood with inappropriate affect stating, “I can't believe my friend is deserting me and moving to Georgia.” Patient reports having cried for three days after initially finding out about friend's potential move. Patient was unable to identify any leisure activities she will participate in once friend has left Memphis. Patient was unable to identify appropriate OT goals secondary to sudden onset of psychomotor retardation. Patient will require maximum support during friend's transition. Occupational therapy services are recommended to increase functional independence.
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30 Jul 2009

Neuro-IFRAH questions anyone?

This kind soul can hopefully help…he left a comment on some Neuro-IFRAH posts. 🙂


I have viewed your blog several times. I think I caught it way late. Nevertheless, I can be reached at amer@sanfrancisconeurorehabilitation.com if you have any other question(s).

I may be able to assist with regards to Neuro-IFRAH(R) questions.


Amer de Juan,OTD(C),OTR/L,HTC,PAM
Certified Neuro-IFRAH Instructor(R)

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30 Jul 2009

Cool OTs make doctors happy…

My next door neighbor (where I grew up in California) is a doctor, and she just sent me this little e-mail…short and sweet but I am always thrilled to hear a doctor speak kindly of an OT!! Yay for cool OTs!! 

“Hi Karen:
Just sent a link to your blog to a cool OT at scripps mercy chula Vista.
He really helped out with one of my quadraplegic patients…
Hope all is going well- sounds like you have several job opportunities.
::Neighbor name edited:::

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30 Jul 2009

Creative stuff to use with higher level clients…


notmartha.org, how to make stuff…
some really cool ideas. you could modify some of this to do with your clients in the kitchen – like making pies in 8 oz jars using premade frozen dough and cherry filling or something. i dunno. or doing it for reals from scratch in the jars with high level ones…
Just in general some good creative ideas you could use or modify with clients! 

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30 Jul 2009

HIPAA Therapy

HIPAA makes writing interesting stories so much harder! Of course it exists for a very important reason. Comments like this make me feel better! Thanks Lise. 🙂

Lise has left a new comment on your post “HIPAA Therapy“: 

Dear Karen: Your HIPAA Therapy piece is very well written, and a great example of Occupational Therapy ethics in action. 
As you move through your career, you will often have opportunties, usually with a lot of pressure to do the wrong thing, to not behave ethically. It does take extra effort to do the right thing. 
You make us older OTs proud of the profession. 
Thank you and Welcome! 
Sincerely, Lise, M.Ed., OT/L 

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