24 Jul 2010

quote of the day

I was lamenting to a fellow new OT practitioner about how I still make such stupid mistakes sometime, and she (a hand therapist) responded: “”I know! The other day I took an extensor tendon into passive flexion, what was I thinking??!!!!” ahahahahahahhaa

That cracked me upppp for some reason, lol. I guess because to me hands are like rocket science so its the equivalent of someone saying “I make stupid mistakes too, the other day I was doing this calculus derivative integer molecular formula for curing cancer and I acidentally divided by 0.493 instead of 0.492!!!

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21 Jul 2010

sooo behind on blogging

and dealing with comments. I haven't put links up but wanted to copy paste this old comment for help with conquering/handling NBCOT! THANKS JULIE – Hey, are you the one from South Africa that I talked with like, years ago? 🙂

Hi Karen, My friend and I have started a blog primarily aimed at helping US and international OT students with the NBCOT and then what happens after. Our blog is available at http://conqueringthenbcot.blogspot.com/

It would be so so great if you could check it out and place a link to our blog on your website so that it comes up when people search for it. As an international OT, I learnt a lot along the way about the NBCOT process and work visas and licencing and I really want to impart that knowledge to others because I believe there is a need for it. Your blog really helped me and inspired me to start my own.

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21 Jul 2010

handwriting deja vu

Today I needed to look up some handwriting stuff in preparation for a kid tomorrow so I was googling things like “weight bearing” and handwriting to see if I could get some fresh new ideas, and lo and behold within the first page one of my old blog entries showed up on a handwriting lecture, hahahaha

Reminded me I need to get back into blogging. I just took a course Saturday on postural control of the trunk and so i've been doing trunk dissociation stuff the last few days – also getting back into sensory stuff for kids. Was in Norway for almost 2 weeks and I've had trouble re-adjusting to work life!

I love occupational therapy, just wish it could be a hobby and not a job. Who wants to sponsor me to blog all day every day and live in a fantasy word? Anyone? No? Okay….back to the real world, will try to blog more!!! Still haven't blogged properly about Sae-Bo or most recent course or about what life has been like latey….I am CLOSE to being done with my first year as an OT practitioner, September 1st…..

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