Antonyms, Ants, Aunts: How awesome our OT kids can be

A little boy (the same one who witheringly corrected my pronunciation of “crayons” while having his own “R” speech impediment) and an aide and I were working together on a worksheet as a form of us learning from each other – I needed to see the kinds of things they work on, and the aide needed to see ways to work with him from an OT standpoint.

The worksheet said “An aunt crawled up my arm” and the boy needed to figure out what was wrong.
Us, hinting: “There are two kinds of aunts…” (we pronounce both like the bug here!)
Him: Red and black?
Us: Yes, that’s true….how about one is a name starting with ant….
Him: Antonym???
The aide and I looked at each other and laughed. He was right each time. Finally we got into the description, but awesome the way his brain versus ours was working – such an insight into how all our brains perceive things so differently.
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