14 Jun 2022

OT Rocks and OT Memory Lane

Check out my rock art….specifically, OT Rocks….








Plus a quick -hopefully amusing – stroll down OT Memory Lane 🙂

PS: I tried to make these images bigger and they exploded all over the page so I went back to small – plus other quirks popping up –  website is badly in need of an update and that should be happening in July!












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10 May 2019

My geriatric fieldwork…so many highlights

Some excerpts from my OT mental health fieldwork (inpatient geriatric psych ward) journal, a decade ago:

I did a group called “Transformation” and it had to do with drawing past and present and future, and discussing things to do to help ensure the future as they depicted it.

One sharp lady drew an embryo for past, a stick lady for present, and a casket for future. She cackled about it, but when I asked her what she wanted to do before the casket, she got thoughtful and had several things she wanted to work on.

Another HILARIOUS lady said she wanted to have “quar triplets” …lots of babies.

Another lady drew a smiley face for past, sad face for present, and smiley face for future.

Another lady didn’t draw anything, but verbally stated she would get better by eating right, taking vitamins, and “coming to groups”…lol. I liked that answer.

Also: Last night I watched a friend have his debut performance at a VFW (veterans of foreign war). I think I was the youngest one there by about a thousand years, but everybody was in great costume. There was a few old ladies SHAKING IT UP on the dance floor, although really their shaking was more like quivering…barely moving. Loved that they didn’t care.

And an old man taking it down to the floor….getting back up was a little precarious, a woman next to me who knew I was in OT school whispered, “That man may need your services in a minute.” 


One of my favorite moments of day:
Male patient with severe dementia: I don’t remember. I’m 88, you see.
Me: You don’t look a day over 87!
Patient: ::genuinely laughs:::

Also, one of my patients who was psychotic kept hearing things in his head…including calypso music! You try interpreting the word “calypso” from someone with dysarthria!!


I also very much loved and appreciated the sentences my clients would write while taking a cognitive assessment. See here:

The Hidden Poignancy of the MMSE – When clients write a sentence.

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22 May 2014

The things little OT kids say :)

I taught one of my adorable 5th grade girls the meaning of the word “abundant.” She paused and used it in a sentence. “My brother has an abundant amount of hate.”




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30 Sep 2013

OT Kids say the Best Things….

A little boy with a significant speech impediment corrected my speech today during our occupational therapy session. I told him to pass me a crayon which I have always said “crown” and never even realized was incorrect or that people might be confused. He looked at me and condescendingly said “It is CRAYon not CROWN”. He can’t say his R’s though, so it was “CWAYON not CWOWN.” Yep.

I was walking up to our room with my two OT kids. The girl volunteered to me that she was Irish and German. The little boy piped up “I’m Irish because I like to dance like this,” and with a serious face, started bouncing up and down with his legs in a jig while his arms stayed by his side. Very Lord of the Dance. Loved it.
Love these stories…my kids make me laugh and teach me new things every day!
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27 Sep 2013

OT kids say the awesomest things

One of my moms told me this story about our little OT boy. She was talking to her son about me and she referenced me as Miss Awesome. He (who is also in speech therapy) said indignantly to her, “It’s Miss AwesomeNESS, Mom. She’s a girl!”


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27 Sep 2013

Antonyms, Ants, Aunts: How awesome our OT kids can be

A little boy (the same one who witheringly corrected my pronunciation of “crayons” while having his own “R” speech impediment) and an aide and I were working together on a worksheet as a form of us learning from each other – I needed to see the kinds of things they work on, and the aide needed to see ways to work with him from an OT standpoint.

The worksheet said “An aunt crawled up my arm” and the boy needed to figure out what was wrong.
Us, hinting: “There are two kinds of aunts…” (we pronounce both like the bug here!)
Him: Red and black?
Us: Yes, that’s true….how about one is a name starting with ant….
Him: Antonym???
The aide and I looked at each other and laughed. He was right each time. Finally we got into the description, but awesome the way his brain versus ours was working – such an insight into how all our brains perceive things so differently.
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19 Sep 2013

What’s the Magic Word? OT Kids Say Awesome Things :)

Being an OT can be so funny/fun sometimes. I’ve really been amused lately by the “magic word” answers I’ve been getting….I think I’m going to ask all my kids and write down their answers. Most know the answer is “please”, but the ones that don’t always crack me up.
Story 1, School Occupational Therapist and student. 

Young child, ie 6ish: Open this for me?

Me: What’s the magic word?
Child (tentatively): iPad?
Story 2: 

Young child, ie 5ish: Open this for me?

Me: What’s the magic word?
Child: Open?
Me: Not qui—-
Child: Open sesame?
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6 Sep 2013

“Hold your balls while I’m talking to you….” Wait….whoops. OT/ball bloopers.

I want to talk about balls. Balls are super awesome and we use them all the time in occupational therapy. Yesterday I got a pamphlet for a “Therapeutic Balls” course and while I can totally see its value and importance, I still snickered.

I am so sad that we can’t use the word balls in sentences without it sounding dirty. For example, I gave my 3 little boys Yuk-E balls the other day, which are funky balls with weird stuff in them so they feel fun. I was going to be talking for a few minutes and wanted them to have something to hold onto while listening. I said to them, “Okay guys, you can continue to hold your balls as long as I can tell you are listening.”
The boys were too young to realize what I said, but I realized it after I said it and felt mortified. I also had to keep from laughing hysterically.
I’ve also done it with a boy who kept picking out a blue colored ball. I exclaimed, “You really like blue balls, don’t you!” and once again, realized what I said. I think that time I had an aide with me and we did a sideways glance and tried not to laugh out loud but our vital organs were bursting with amusement.
I truly, 100%, do not do it on purpose but when it comes out and I hear myself I cringe. I am so glad I almost never work with the older ones that would understand the implications.
The worst one was this child who enjoyed having this spiky ball rubbed on his back, it calmed him. During the IEP meeting a few years ago I discussed that the child could potentially go to the LRC and ask for a “ball massage”. As soon as I said it I was like AUGH and everyone laughed as they realized what I had just said and how horrible it sounded. Then the dad chimed in, “I wish I could have a ball massage!” At least the IEP team and family had a sense of humor, although that last part was a little much for a meeting. AHAHAAHHA
I thought it was hilarious. I love balls (the kind we use with kids!!). But I wish it wasn’t so easy to mess up when talking about them.
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21 Jun 2013

Best OT quote ever

“Sometimes I wish I could do more for my friends, then I realize how helpful I will be when we start getting our hips replaced!!” – Brooke, former OT classmate



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21 Oct 2012

This kid needs to work on his "p"

This is floating around on Facebook from the Ellen Degeneres show where people submit their kids funny work. In all seriousness, when I saw this, my first thought as a school-based OT was that he had a beautiful “g”, and then that the “p” needed to start below the lava line. AHAHAAHA. Incidentally, when you search on google for “Ellen Degeneres penis”, things you weren’t expecting may show up…

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