OT Kids say the Best Things….

A little boy with a significant speech impediment corrected my speech today during our occupational therapy session. I told him to pass me a crayon which I have always said “crown” and never even realized was incorrect or that people might be confused. He looked at me and condescendingly said “It is CRAYon not CROWN”. He can’t say his R’s though, so it was “CWAYON not CWOWN.” Yep.

I was walking up to our room with my two OT kids. The girl volunteered to me that she was Irish and German. The little boy piped up “I’m Irish because I like to dance like this,” and with a serious face, started bouncing up and down with his legs in a jig while his arms stayed by his side. Very Lord of the Dance. Loved it.
Love these stories…my kids make me laugh and teach me new things every day!
Sep 30, 2013 | Category: laughs, Occupational Therapy | Comments: none