1 May 2012

AOTA Conference in pictures

Hi guys, so here are some pictures I took from conference. I need to write about it in detail soon too eh? But for now, pics.

 My Carry on…my boquet of flowers + my tiara in preparation of being Miss OTPF. I totally stabbed my arm with the tiara and ended up with a bunch of red marks. Only I could stab myself with a tiara.

Hmm these pictures aren’t in order. This was late Saturday night in Erik’s killer awesome JW Marriot room…He wanted to show us the killer view Libby, one of my AMAZING blog readers and also the co-writer on the feature article of OT Practice on Animal-Assisted Technology, is on the left. 

One of Anita’s students, Frankie, who is utterly hilarious, showing us the Tebow pose on the dance floor. 

Wow Libby. Wow. 

Me, Erik, Anita…all part of the social media panel. 

BroOT! Join the brotherly movement, bro. 

 Me, Libby, Libby’s former classmate Erica, and Frankie, on our way to AOTPAC night.

Erik showing us how to do Star Wars on the Kinect during a tech day presentation earlier in the day. 

Me getting Anita getting Erik. 

Libby guarding our stuff…

Huge tech room. It was pretty busy even though I know it looks empty. 

Sweet Erica took this picture of the panel…Anita, me, Erik, Christopher Alterio of ABC Therapeutics, and Cheryl Morris of OT notes. 

Erik’s ingenius use of the water jug as an ipad holder to video the person talking since we were streaming live. 

Anita presenting in her PJs. We were all in character.


 Me and Cheryl right before it started.