therapeutic handling

21 Sep 2007

Therapeutic Handling Occupational Therapy Lab Demonstration

This is quite possibly the worst occupational therapy video ever made (due to my own stumbling, not my subject/cameraman). I was just trying to demonstrate some of the techniques we learned in our handling lab! I have a bad memory so I wanted it on camera to help me remember. Plus I wanted to show y’all the amazing handling skills I am starting to possess.

Basically you could use this more easily with a child, but it’s all about key points of control. Using just your hands in certain spots, you can manage to get someone from supine (think of holding a bowl of SOUP, i.e. hand cupped upward) to prone (belly down) to long-sitting to side-sitting to tall-kneeling etc until the person is standing. This is for someone who requires some assistance but can help at least a little bit.

Pros of this video:
It shows you key points of control
It’s amazing because it involves Brooke, me, and camerawoman Allison, plus Meg + other voices in the background

I stumble and can’t remember exactly where my hands go at times
The sound is bad
I am holding onto Brooke’s bootie probably more than necessary but it’s a lot easier when you have as much leverage as possible. Sorry, Brooke.
PS: Sorry it is embedded twice. I don’t know how to change it without starting over, which I refuse to do. It’s the same video though, don’t watch it twice unless you are so enraptured you feel a strong desire to do so.