nail polish

24 Dec 2013

Fuzzy/Rough/Textured Nail Polish for Soothing Tactile Sensory-Seeking Behaviors


Rough nail polish

Rough nail polish

Check out all the fuzzy nail polishes hitting the market. They literally have a sand-like texture. I am a fan of the OPI sand, have not tried other brands. I know some non-texture people may hate it, but I think most texture people will love it. The sensory-seekers and tactile kids. It could almost serve as a fidget, in the way velcro under desks can be soothing. Would be cool if they made a more white sand version for guys!

This could work for both children and adults. Give it a try and let me know how it works for the people in your OT circles who are constantly touching things! Even if they end up peeling it off…if that’s calming to them, that works too.