18 Aug 2009


Four more days to get ready. Monday went well. Today, Tuesday so far includes two mini crisises that make me go AUGH!

1) At 430am I had to get up and turn lights on to try and find source of this object beeping every once in a while…difficult to locate. I eventually found it in the source of an old phone with a PHENOMENAL battery system, that was beeping its low battery, under the bed. How it got turned on (seeing as how it's not in use) is a very annoying mystery. 
2) I heard back from my short term gap insurance that they – instead of adjusting date of coverage by two days as customer service rep said was okay/no big deal – cancelled it “per my request” – wrote back like AUUUUUUUGHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO except not in those words.
Okay…let's hope the rest of the day has no more issues!! 
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17 Aug 2009

About to become a real occupational therapist :)

Well…just had my last local weekend in Memphis!

Moving early on Saturday. 
I have sooo much to do between now and then….so tired for now so I hope tomorrow I wake up ready to tackle a whole bunch of items…I have a two page to-do list and it's probably closer to 3 if I add in some of tonight's realizations!!
I have to focus on GETTING THERE for now, logistically etc- but once I am there it will be time to focus on OT and my blogging will get back to OT world more! FIRST JOB! 
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13 Aug 2009

Dum dum dum….IKEA

THE IKEA CATALOG HAS COME IN! ::heavens open and sun shines and angels sing::: LAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am leaving for rurrrrrral Georgia on early, Saturday the 22nd! I should probably be focusing on like, OT, but honestly I'm more focused on the logistics of getting there…I'll have plenty of time to focus on OT once I'm firmly ensconced in rural Georgia, knowing nobody! 
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11 Aug 2009

Autism Conference – watch sessions online – incl. Temple Grandin.

The National Autism Conference was held at Penn State University last week, and now anyone is able to watch archived sessions online for free here:
I've watched a lot of them and they're great.  There's great sessions on current sensory integration research and there's even a session by Temple Grandin.  I  thought you might want to know to post on your blog!

*I love when blog readers send me perfect little tidbits like this…makes my job easy as I can just copy/paste. Thanks Susan for the heads-up, I adore you with all my heart, as much as is possible considering I don't actually know you. 🙂

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11 Aug 2009

Lester or Human Resources?

Well…choices. Deal with a big ol' stack of Human Resources stuff from my new first job…or…..post pictures of Lester? Hmm. Lester wins.

But I do plan to work on the Human Resources stuff tomorrow. I gotta learn about grown-up stuff like flexible spending accounts and dismemberment insurance! 
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8 Aug 2009

I'm an occupational therapist!!!!!!! Have I mentioned that lately.

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to be part of a profession that is so awesomely cool and fun? 🙂 In less than a month I'll actually start getting money for something I enjoy doing!! I'm sure when body fluids get involved I'll be grateful for the payment part, but for the most part, it's so much fun!!

I've done all the Georgia OT licensure stuff I can do….now just waiting on things to process. Have a bunch of human resources stuff to figure out such as which health insurance plan and that flexible benefit stuff….it's all alien talk to me.
It still feels weird to say I'm an occupational therapist!! 
In other exciting news, my blog just hit a little over 125,000 page views since its conception. And Lester is crazy. That is all. 
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6 Aug 2009

Are all OT schools the same in level of awesomeness or suckiness?

So…this sweet girl below definitely knows how to flatter a blogger…my fav sentence being  “praise your OT-greatness”, hahaha.

ANYWAY, this passionate new friend of mine is trying to decide between her in-state “cheap” school in the South versus some other fancy private or out of state tuition college. I Jane Doe'd her of course. I personally think each program is foundationally similar enough that she'll be okay anywhere….although if she has the money to move states I'd say a place like UAB or Wash U would be pretty powerful. So, my readers, anonymously or not, please comment on your belief! I'd really be interested to hear how people view their OT programs and I know she'd appreciate the insight as well. I wrote her back and also told her to check out OT Connections, my new pet cause 😉

Ok Lester is screaming, better go get him some broth before my eardrums explode. Read below! I love we are inheriting a new passionate prospective student to the OT cause!


My name is Jane Doe and I am a pre-OT student at Jane College.  I recently switched my course of study to OT when I learned about the profession last year, and I have been hooked ever since.  I have spent the last year researching every OT related website I could find, and a few weeks ago I discovered your blog.  I am very interested in the creative aspect of Occupational Therapy and I love that it is so multi-dimensional!  I actually found your blog because I was doing a google search on Occupational Therapy and therapeutic cooking and stumbled upon the post where you wrote about cooking with simulated disabilities.  After I read that I was desperate to find out which MOT program you were in so I actually created a blog account to have access to all of your posts.  What started out as a search, turned into a complete obsession.  I am currently reading all of your blogs from start to finish and I am about a third of the way through them.  I think you provide the greatest insight and advice to incoming OT students.  You are more informative than any website I have found so far and I look forward to reading the rest of you blogs.  The reason I am writing to you is not only to praise your OT-greatness and thank you for the awesome information you have provided, but also to seek your advice about OT schools.  I am entering my last year of undergrad, so I have been researching schools like crazy.  The easiest choice for me is Jane Health College because of the cheap in-state tuition, but I am in a long standing battle with myself over cheap tuition versus a possibly better (and more fun) education.  So far I have loved reading about all of the fun and creative labs and group work your school offers.  It seems to me that your school does a lot of hands on learning in addition to the book work that is necessary.  I think your program truly defines the Occupational approach to therapy.  So my question to you is, do you think most school’s take that creative, occupation-based approach or is this something that is unique to your program?  I plan on touring the two Jane area schools, and I am going to try to meet more people that have gone through the program, but so far most of the graduates I have met do not seem to hold the same passion for the creative part of OT that I love so much.  I have read many different websites for schools but have never found anything as informative as your blog.  Any information you could provide me about OT programs would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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6 Aug 2009

Clarification on OT Connections :)

Susan & “Mamapeas”: Thanks for re-checking out OT Connections! I am confident y'all will discover – as did I – that it's much easier to navigate these days 🙂 

Sam @ AOTA has left a new comment on your post “OT Connections, New and improved. 🙂“: 

looking forward to reading your practitioner blog…just wanted to clarify that OTConnections is open to non AOTA members too and they can blog and participate in all parts of the website except for the SIS forums which are a member only area. 
so even if you are not an AOTA member you can join for FREE and participate! 

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5 Aug 2009

Quote of the Day

somehow i feel like before your career is done, there will be a St. Dobyns medical center :P”

Hahaha! Saint!! That's hilarious. Okay I need to get going….errrands to run!! Or really errands to WALK in this heat. 
UT, Police station, a few other random places…then Sun Studios with Brooke – neither of us have ever been even though living here a LONG TIME – she leaves for John Hopkins for her first job – WAY TO GO BROOKE – so she is doing her Memphis Bucket List….although I guess a bucket list has to do with kicking the bucket…so….maybe that's a misgnomer. 
Anyway. then tonight is dinner with a fieldwork student friend! So I guess an OT-related day all around.
Look how short this is. I'm so proud. 
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5 Aug 2009

OT Connections, New and improved. :)

OTConnections.AOTA.ORG  is now new and improved! They've changed the format/layout some so that it's more intuitive and easier to find things. They have forums, galleries, blogs, news, etc. 

I was talking to a non-traditional student today and we discussed how she would not have much time to blog. I recommended to her that she join OT Connections (I think you have to be an AOTA member to write stuff though…wish she should join as soon as she starts OT school next month! :)). That way she can blog when she feels like it and it will get posted visibly…not get lost way down in search engine rankings because of inactivity. 
And I think now that OTConnections has gotten easier, I am going to go that route too with practitioner blogging. I'll leave this student blog up as it has years of material (some of it better than other, cough, lol, I ramble too much, cough), but by next month I will probably have stopped adding new content to it, and will be over at OT Connections? Not positive. At the very least I'm going to try and use OTConnections more.
I recommend AOTA members (and if you are in OT and not AOTA members, you need to self-flagellate in penance and then sign up immediately)…join OT Connections!! We can have one big giant party!!! And AOTA didn't even pay me to write this promote-ory post….even though they should…hahaha. Seriously though, it's a great site and it needs support! Rah rah sis boom bah. The End. 
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