30 Jun 2010

Fine motor OT bone

Headed to Norway for a few weeks for a wedding/reunion – was an exchange student for a year there in high school from age 15/16 (junior year of HS) – so about 12 years ago now, CRAZY.  Getting to see my host sister get married, my host family and friends, and my best Norwegian friend Ingun's brand new first baby 🙂
By the way, I have roommates and I'm taking my valuables so I hope that deters any robbers who read this 😉  – Anyway, will be slim blogging in that time obviously.

So let me throw out an OT bone – I give you this AWESOME link of gross motor then TONS of fine motor ideas for pediatrics, done by teachers it appears. VERY HELPFUL.


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20 Jun 2010

How to make your own Wiki Stix for peds OT…really adults too I guess.

Did I ever share this recipe on how to make your own Wiki Stix? Google them if you don't know what they are. Great pediatric occupational therapy tool. I got it from someone else who got it from some one else…and I have not tried it. SO TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK….I guess use eye protection, burn protection, hand protection etc as needed…I have no idea how toxic toilet sealant wax so maybe its a weird idea…I dunno…..let me know how it goes if you do!!!

Toilet sealant wax
1/2 cup of paraffin wax
Ball of colorful yarn

1. Melt equal amounts of paraffin wax with toilet sealant
2. Melt crayon shavings into wax mixture
3. When mixture is melted, cut lengths of strip and dip into mixture
4. Lay dipped strings on wax paper to cool
5. Bend wiki stix into shapes and reuse just like commercial ones.

PS: I am SO FREAKING BEHIND ON EMAIL I realized I have missed quite a few important ones. That's also how i Rely on getting all my FB messages so if I have not responded I am SORRY. VERY SORRY. Feel free to write me again and/or be patient, I will eventually rspond it may just be a few months late 😡 ugh. I SUCK!

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20 Jun 2010

What do you think this is?

I took an 8am to 530pm course Friday and Saturday with a whole bunch of other occupational therapists (and one PTA!) to learn how to use THIS (my hand is the model)…can anyone guess?? If anyone saw my Twitters they should know the answer. More details tomorrow! It’s bed time!!

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15 Jun 2010

Monday = tired OT day

Today a frustrated child stabbed his scissors into the paper, narrowly missing my hand [ he wasn't trying to hurt me].

Today I worked with two adults who had strokes, one adult who had a traumatic brain injury, then a row of pediatric clients:  a child with CP, a child with Down syndrome, and a child with a traumatic brain injury. It's set up as an adult clinic for the most part so it takes a lot of creativity to do therapy with the pediatric clients at times…not just filled with kid stuff. Limited options. It worked out though.

Lots of notes to write though, boo…I am very tired. I should work out but I have decided Mondays need to be a no-guilt workout free day as I always am so tired! Need to prep for tomorrow – was over on hours today and will be over hours this week by a lot as I am taking a course that is also Saturday 8 to 530. So I'll try to shave off time here and there when I don't have patients. 

Did I mention I am tired. Stuff to do but too tired. So….bedtime soon.

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10 Jun 2010


Today, I shattered a mirror, ran over a butterfly, spilled my (expensive!) Chia seeds, and willfully ate gluten (I was dying for Japanese and it is in the soy sauce and possibly other hidden items as well)……I had a semi quiet day at clinic as 3 people cancelled last minute and I got to eat out twice, which is a very rare occurrence these days, so in some days it was good, but I AM SO FREAKING TIRED right now….its 10pm and I should go to sleep but I dont waaaanntttt tooooooo but I am tirrrrreddddddd sooooo I musssstttt……..things I've been pondering lately include bilateral activities for kids with mild hemiplegia, strengthening of hand muscles for weak children, when to discharge patients with burns, WHY INSURANCE SUCKS SO MUCH for SO MANY PEOPLE, etc etc 🙂 I always have SO MUCH i want to share, but somehow always it doesn't get blogged about as often as it should. Also pondering writing up another piece to submit to OT Practice about the first year as a practitioner….but who are we kidding ahahaa.

bedtime. thanks all for the really kind and/or helpful comments y'all have been leaving. always makes my heart glow!!

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6 Jun 2010

hmmm, amazing parkour ….new OT ? jk


This is an amazing parkour video….basically street ninjas. Incredible things they do with their bodies. Some gyms
offer parkour classes now. If I had higher-level patients and was doing more athletic rehab kinda stuff, I'd totally
try to incorporate elements of this. 🙂

I am feeling a bloggy urge…I have to go to store and do some errands but maybe later i'll blog/catch up!!

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2 Jun 2010

busy busy

Preparing for a pediatric eval, a pediatric treatment, and other treatments including strokes and peripheral neuropathy. Need to finish writing up some goals. More in next few days, I've been a poor poster lately!! It's almost 11pm….hope to be in bed by midnight so hope I can get prepped and finish the goals up for an eval by then, and then I'm gonna get to work early to prepare for my first Peabody! And then it's a long day with a hyper pt at the end of the day so let's hope my energy stays up! 🙂

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