3 Jan 2014

OTs Help Put the Able into Actionable: R A W = S A

READY +ABLE +WILLING = Successful Action

 A psychologist friend recently told me about the phrase “Ready, Willing, and Able”.  All three components must be there for any Successful Action to occur.

R.A.W. = S.A.

Possible reasons for inaction:

*Ready, able, NOT willing

*Willing, able, NOT ready

*Ready, willing, NOT able

When the person is ready and willing yet not ABLE it is typically the most self-devastating. In all of the above cases, especially “not able”, an occupational therapist can help.

Whether it’s a challenge physically, mentally, or a combination of the two, OTs break down the issues and help figure out how to find and repair the missing link. Then all three components (ready, able, willing) are there, subsequently leading to an action, and therefore meaningful and appropriate participation!

If you click on the “Printables” tag, this should be up there as a PDF that can be easily printed. The first page is somewhat of a “cheat sheet” and pages 2-4 are the longer detailed version. Page 5 is an accident. Sorry.  (Oh look, I managed to insert it here which is good because I also apparently don’t know to upload it to printables yet. Can you tell my website/type of blogsite is new and I have no idea what I’m doing?)

RAWSA in OT: Focusing on Successful Action

Click the read more link to see example stories of depression/executive functioning deficits affecting a person’s actions [and my typical excessive details]! (It turns out I also don’t know how to use the read more link appropriately either. AHAHAHAHAA. Soon!!)