28 Jun 2009

Mail mail mail

230 emails to go through! A lot of those are blog comments I've received over the last few months and want to deal with! 🙂 (All positive ones…which I appreciate…thank you)

Lots of errands to run!
I hope life gets easier sometime soon!
Yeah right!
Lester says hi. Really he is just snoring, but I'll attribute the greetings sentiment to him anyway. 
I've been up since 3amish….it's almst 6am now. I guess I'll try to sleep again! 
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26 Jun 2009

am i still alive?

was a comment. Yep, still alive. Busy. More soon!!

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25 Jun 2009

Goals schmoals!

I am a creature of habit and routine. I can thrive in a properly scheduled environment. However, a key element is that the scheduled environment has to be mandatory. Right now, I have a lot to do, but am having trouble with motivation. I'm struggling with the disappointment of discovering a magical job isn't going to land in my lap! I know that was an unrealistic expectation but I sure did have it! 

I've been thinking about my own “emotional intelligence” and how I pick up on social cues. I think I'm a relatively astute observer of body language & cues when watching an interaction, but when I am WITHIN the interaction, I am not always as good. MOSTLY because I ALWAYS have good intentions when I say things and so it would never occur to me that someone would take something I say in a mean or poor way. I guess I need to be more careful about what I say because even if I have good intentions, people don't always take it that way. And we all know the saying that good intentions pave the way to hell! That saying bothers me…  I think the vast majority of people “get” me in real life and so I don't mean to make it sound like I am bad at basic social cues. I think I do better than a lot of people….but still could benefit from some more analysis!! 
Last night I met up with a former fieldwork supervisor, at Cafe Eclectic in Midtown. Great company….Yummy food, yummy ice cream especially…my heart is in ice cream, always. It was nice seeing her and catching up. I really liked all of my fieldwork supervisors. Today I have some small goals, but goals nonetheless…including checking up on job applications and such. And I feel very guilty for how far behind I am on responding to emails and facebook messages. Gotta work on that too huh!
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25 Jun 2009

Waiting waiting waiting…

I'm still waiting to hear back on some job opportunities. Trying to stay motivated! I am an official OTR/L now though, I got my TN licensure! That's pretty exciting!! 

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20 Jun 2009

moving on…

It has been brought to my attention that I have not blogged in a few days. Oops.

I'm navigating right now…struggling to have given up a dream and trying to find new dreams…to find a new journey I can tolerate and quite possibly come to love….
I'm waiting to hear back from one place that is really neat…I hope to interview soon. It wasn't in the original cards, but I think it would be wonderful. 
I'm in a contemplative place…I've always been a student and now it's time to start a career…my first step sent me reeling backwards and now I'm waiting for the figurative bruises to fade, scared but again ready to put myself out there. Wow good thing I didn't go into creative writing….that was the worst explanation ever.  Maybe I could get a PhD in self-deprecation…although I'm sure I'd find a way to fail at that too…. HA HA HA HA! That was funny!!!!!!! 
I'm starting to prepare myself psychologically, for moving and for becoming an OTR/L (I'm at OTR right now!!! CRAZY to be able to say I'm an occupational therapist!!!)…
I'm also starting to prepare myself (well, ok, the house) physically too…need to continue working on sorting, organizing, filing, trashing, donating, etc…lots and lots to do. 
Don't forget tomorrow is Father's Day…
Sorry my last posts have been kind of depressing, it has been a hard month…but I do honestly believe things will start improving relatively soon…give me a little more time to wallow…then hopefully I'll start back with my insanely hyper and excited passionate posting…but as a practitioner, not a student….(I'll have to be extraordinarily vigilant about HIPAA of course!!)……oooh the adventure will start soon…I'll be ready. 
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16 Jun 2009

La la la

Ok! Two applications down with minimal hair-pullage, haha. I think I'll apply 1-2 more places and then settle for a while so I can deal with potential interviews and all. I've learned a lot just in the last few weeks and so hopefully I'll do well with the next few.

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16 Jun 2009

About to send in another application to a very cool place…

I just finished my cover letter. I'm going to go to Kinko's and get everything copied/notarized/sent out. I am thrilled to be done with the longest application. The place I'm applying has an AWESOME culture of excellence and it would be a wonderful opportunity.

I need to be careful about my recent ranting and raving of frustration and all. For people who have been reading my blog for years, I think they overall have a good picture of who I am…but if someone just read a single post or two, well…yikes, haha. We all have our good and bad days! And weeks….and months….lol.
ANYWAY. I better get going. Thanks all for the support and love….maybe today I can get some EMAILS answered?! And finish up the hospital application?!! 
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16 Jun 2009

finally getting things done…

I am pretty sure my blood pressure is 3382828288282 over 3838989292892. I find job applications immensely tedious. I just spent many hours on a 13 page application and then spent a few hours struggling with my new mac and new printer…I am sooo used to a PC that even little things flummox me on the Mac! And then I just started to fill out another online application for a hospital, but its application website was utterly ridiculous. It would list schools/majors to choose from, and then my school and major wouldn't be present, and then it would give you an error if you tried to leave it blank, etc. Ugh!!

So since I already want to tear all my hair out, I decided I'd stop for the night, before I went postal. In the morning I need to write a cover letter, get my oath of loyalty to the particular state notarized (WOW), and then mail the application ASAP. 
I am a tiny bit irritated with myself that I let stupid applications upset me, BUT at the same time it's only (tomorrow) been a week since I got my stunningly and exquisitely painful rejection, so I'm just glad I didn't cry the night away! Overall I guess it was pretty productive minus the many hours of frustration. 
Ok, tomorrow's goals:
PM: Work out at some point, contact HR at that other hospital about navigating their website application
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15 Jun 2009



1) Finish rehab app
2) Finish peds children app
Minor goals:
3) Work out?
4) Don't go insane
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15 Jun 2009

Good night…

So I am learning to navigate my new Macbook. I love it to pieces but there is definitely an element of hesitancy, I have to get used to it. It doesn't feel the same.  The Macbook was an awesome graduation present, although I got many wonderful graduation presents. 🙂

I saw the movie “Up” this weekend and it was absolutely stunning. Amazing. I highly recommend it. 
My goals this week include finishing up two big ol' job applications, without crying. I get SO overwhelmed SO quickly when it becomes time to start looking up places to work, places to live, etc. Right now I think Chattanooga is my number one city but I'm definitely strongly considering other places. I need to get started though, it's not like I have a lot of time to look, in terms of loan payback and insurance. 
I wish desperately that I was a “better” person and could get caught up on all my snail mail correspondence (sympathy cards, thank you cards, birthday cards etc), but also all my e-mails. I have so many nice emails and/or important emails that I have let slide by me lately, especially in face of this past week's trauma.
Every time I see ads for the hospital, I wince…kind of a mini PTSD for at least a little while…a sting, a slap, to be reminded of the rejection…A rejection with legitimate reasons, but still a rejection. Yet right now I'm wearing a t-shirt that proclaims my love for it…so…I dunno. Just will take a while to get over it I guess.
Just wanted to write in…I'm going to go read for a while…
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